Monday, February 9, 2009

1st area!

Travis is in Booneville, Mississippi!

I called the mission home to get his address so I could mail his valentine box. I talked to Elder Smith and he said it was a great area and Travis's trainer is "The Cream of the Crop"!

I got on the internet and found out that Booneville is 173 miles from Birmingham and has a population of about 8500 people. They have one ward. We will have to get more info from Travis.

Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2, 2009

We have had several letters and e-mails from Travis. He seems to be doing well. It is hard to be in classes all day- he's been out of school for two years. He likes what he is learning. He likes his roommates, and his companion, Elder wright. He says that their room is the only one that passes inspection- will wonders never cease!!!!!
He is anxious to get to Alabama so he can spend some time outside!

Travis is scheduled to leave the MTC on Wed the 4th so letters can go to the mission home until we get a new address.

1st letter

Sat we got our first letter. He wrote it Wed night- his Branch Pres made his write it:-)
Other than getting very hungry before they fed him, he seemed to be ok.

MTC Jan 14, 2009

The big day finally arrived! Travis was set apart the night before. Grandpa B, Granger, Greg, Bishop Smeadly, and Trav's friends, Josh, Mark and Mark stood in while Pres Thredgold set him apart. It was an amazing blessing. Dayna, Hunter and Travis's friend Jake were also there. It was a very special evening.

Wed morning I made breakfast pizza for Travis and his friends. None of them ate much, but they had one last moment together.
We packed Travis up and headed to the MTC. Hunter rode with us and we had a nice trip.
Dayna and family and Robyn and kids joined us. It was about what I expected. Of course th
ey set you up by showing Mormon ads to get you all weepy eyed and emotional. I have also never sung "Called To Serve" soooooooooo fast!

When it was time to go- Travis, with a few tears in his eyes_ hugged everyone goodbye, turned and walked out the door- never looked back.
I went to the quilt store!

Missionary Mall

Missionary Mall is supposed to be a great place to shop for missionaries. We didn't have such a great experience there.
The first time we went, we checked things out and decided that when we got the official list of things Travis needed, we would go back and shop.
When we went back, they didn't have a single pair of pants that would fit. They would order them, but, we wouldn't get them until the 10th. Too close. We did buy a nice raincoat and a belt. The next time we went to buy another belt. As alluded to earlier, they couldn't sell us one because their computer was down. The last time we went- to buy the belt- Granger locked his keys in the car and Dayna and her kids had to come and rescue us!
Not our favorite place to shop:-)

Shoulder problems

After a month of physical therapy, the Dr wasn't happy with Trav's progress.
Monday Jan 5, 2009 was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, day!
First we jammed the printer trying to copy Trav's Patriatical blessing. Then the Doc said that the MRI might show a rip and he needed to see a specialist! (I thought HE was a specialist!)
Then they couldn't burn his MRI for us because their burner was broken. We couldn't make any appointments with specialists until February- HELLO- Travis leaves Jan 14th!!!
Then the nurse finally got him an appointment on Jan 12th. Cutting it mighty close!
Travis was feeling really low. In an effort to pick up his spirits and move him forward, I took him to Missionary mall to buy him a belt. They couldn't sell us a belt! Their computer was broken!
At this point I just burst out laughing, turned to Travis and said, "Man- you must really need to go on this Mission!!!!"

Later that afternoon, Dr Murray's office called back and said they could get Travis in on Wed.

The appointment with Dr Murray went well. He gave Travis cautions and instructions.
He said if Travis was his kid he'd send him... so, we will send him!

Mission Farewell

Oh- yeah- they don't have them anymore!
Dec 28, 2008 Travis spoke in Sacrament meeting. He did a great job speaking about Elder Wirthlin's conference address on "Come What May and Loving It". He used his shoulder as a case in point!

Many of his friends came to the house after for lunch and goodies. Travis has some great friends.

Silly Boys

Mon Dec 8, 2008
Travis and his friends announced they were going to the Kaysville rec center to play flag football. His friend works there and they can go in when it closes at 11:00 pm and play.
Mom said, "Do you really think it's a good idea?"
Travis said, "No problem Mom!"

Fast forward to 12:45 am:
phone rings! "Dad, I'm on the way to the emergency room!!!"

Travis went up to block a pass and fell over another player. When he landed he dislocated his shoulder. They had to put him out to put is back in. As they were trying to put him to sleep, his comment was "this is good stuff, I should take some of it with me".

Mission Call

Nov 26, 2009, the day before Thanksgiving, Travis received his mission call to The Alabama Birmingham Mission. Everyone came for dinner that night including Grandpa "B". Travis made his announcement and surprised everyone because they didn't know he had turned in his papers! His departure date is Jan 14, 2009 ! 6 Weeks!