Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010

Elder Robbins trained us this past week. It was a very good conference. I will share notes when I get home. He did tell us that Elder Bednar would be coming next month to train us. I am very excited.
President Church gave a lesson in a combined Preiesthood and Relief Society class. He mentioned that we were sharing a lesson with the members to help them find someone to have us teach by Thanksgiving. We have been stopping by whenever we can and leaving notes on their car, or front door to remind them that we were praying for them. He said that after we gave him and his wife the lesson, they have continued to pray and make covenants and his wife had her first missionary experience ever the other day! She came home very excited. Hopefully the members will continue to have missionary experiences and this area can get going.
Brother Frazier, a returning less-active member, brought one of his friends to church. His name is tommy. He came a few weeks ago during a fast and testimony meeting but he wasn't so sure about it. He wasn't used to different people going up to the stand and talking. But he enjoyed this past Sunday and we are going to teach him the first lesson on Friday.
That is all for this week. Love ya.
-Elder Oliekan

Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010

We had stake conference yesterday for the Birmingham stake. President Church was called to the presidency... He will still be the Branch President until they call someone new. It is a little discouraging becasue he is wanting to get missionary work going here but the Lord needs him there now.
We have started visiting some of the members and sharing a lesson with them to help them more with their missioanry work. We are having them pray for someone to share the gospel with by a certain date that they will pick. We will see what happens. It is looking like this area may be closing.
Nothing else really to report. It is just slow. Elder Robbins from the 70 will be training us tomorrow. He spoke during Stake Conference. It should be a good training.
Love ya.
-Elder Oliekan