Sunday, April 26, 2009

e-mail trom Travis

The last week was alot of fun. Last week, at about 3 AM, our entire apartment lit up with light for about 3 seconds and then thunder, that litterally sounded like a bomb had gone off, shook our entire apartment. I have never heard anything like that in my life! It was crazy. Then, the next day, we were driving up in Tennessee and saw a sign for "Buford Pussers" house. So we figured we would stop and get some pictrues. When we got to the house, all the doors were locked. The hours on the sign said that they were opened so we kept trying different doors until, finally, a guy opened a door for us and told us there was a Tornado warning! He told us to come inside and go down into the basemen, where there happened to be a whole bunch of girls! I guess a dance group had come by to see the house as well. So, Elder Rau and I were downstairs in a room that was completely crowded, me and Elder Ray being the only guys there! But, we got to tour his house and his daughter happened to be there too so we got to talk to her for awhile. She is a very nice lady but, she truly is living in the spotlight of her dad. She told us that when "Walking Tall" was made (The one with the ROCK) that the Rock came and toured the house. He tried on one of Buffords jackets thinking that it would be too small for him but, after he put it on, he found that it was too big for him! She thought that was hilarious.
For Easter, we were invited to a guy named Brother Hawkins house. He has a non member friend that has taken a liking to us and he put together an easter egg hunt and made a big roast beef dinner for us. He also bought us bunny ears to wear during the Easter Egg hunt... Fun... :)
We went fishing again today, of course. I caught two catfish and four bass. So, I would say that it was a pretty successful day. I got my cord for my camera so, I am going to add some pictrues as well. Let me know if you get them.

Love ya.

-Elder Oliekan

2nd area, Corinth, MS

March 19, 2009 Travis was transfered to Corinth,MS. It is about 25 miles north of Booneville, and right on the border of Tennessee. His companion is Elder Rau from Cedar City, UT. Elder Rau was been a real help to Travis in adjusting to missionary life.
Travis says that Corinth s a very hard area. Many strong members have moved from the area because of the economy. They are having a hard time getting the ward to help them. They don't feed them, go on splits with them, or fellowship anyone that they bring to church. They are quite discouraged. They volunteer in a food pantry and go fishing on p-days. He has caught some really nice fish.
He has been to the Shiloh National Cemetary. There are many Civil War sites in his area.


I am way behind on this blog. Travis served in Booneville until March 19, 2009. His companion was Elder Rowley from Montana. He really enjoyed having him as a companion. I think he helped him a lot. While in Booneville he met and helped teach Gregory who was the first baptism he attended. He also traveled to Tupelo and visited Elvis's birthplace. On p-days, he liked to go fishing.