Monday, November 15, 2010

Nov 15, 2010

Have had a somewhat busy week. The visa waiters got here last week. Elder Moore and Elder Lund. Elder Moore is from Utah and Elder Lund is from the Seattle area. They are learning to speak Portugese and when they get their visas they will be serving in Brazil. The wards are excited to have four missionaries here for the time being. Each ward would like to have their own set.
Things have been a bit hectic though. We were supposed to get some bunk beds but I guess the mission ran out so we have mattresses and luggage sprawled across our small apartment.
We also tracted into Homer Hickham (October Sky) last week as well. We talked with him for a few mintues on his doorstep. He is a nice guy.
We have still been tracting alot. Haven't found anyone yet but they're out there somewhere.
The weather has been mostly in the upper 70's except for yesterday and today. A bit colder and rainy.
Love you all!!!
-Elder Oliekan

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