Friday, December 10, 2010

December 6, 2010

We had a wonderful thing happen yesterday.
When I was in this area last year there was a guy named Mike who lived next door to us. We would usually see him everyday and talk with him for a bit. Every now and again we would have a bbq or something with him and some other people from our apartment complex. We worked to get him to come to church but it never happened.
When I came back here, Mike had moved. His brother lived across the complex so I though I would try him and see where Mike had moved. His brother still lived there and I found out that Mike was still in the same apartment complex. We went over there and he said he was still interested in coming to church sometime.
We stopped by this past Friday and I asked if he wanted to come. He said he wanted to come check it out. He came yesterday with a friend. Her name is Aubrey. She used to live above our apartment. Elder Harrison and another missionary ran into her one day while she was outside crying because she is going through a very bad divorce. They gave her a Christmas DVD and she said she may come check out church sometime. When Mike and Aubrey showed up to church, we were surprised to see her. We didn't know they were friends.
They both loved it. Mike said it was the best church experience he'd had in a long time and he was making plans to come again next week. Aubrey enjoyed it very much as well. It was fast Sunday so we were a little worried about having them there. Sometimes fast Sundays can be a little much for people. But the perfect people got up. One girl shared a story and at the end of her testimony said I don't know why I told you that but apparently I needed to say it.
Aubrey also noticed that a good friend of hers is a member. This member and her parents helped Aubrey to get away from her husband who was very abusive to her and her child. The member was very happy to see Aubrey. Now, Mike and Aubrey are planning on coming to Church next week and go to the Huntsville Stake Christmas festival that is happening this coming weekend. Everything fell into place perfectly. A miracle of fasting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am being transferred. I am pretty sure I know what I will be doing. President has shared a little with me about what i will be doing but I have not been assigned so I will let you know next week (IN MY LAST E-MAIL!) what I am doing.
Elder Harrison is being transferred as well because he is having shoulder problems and needs to be near Birmingham in case he needs surgery. The visa waiters, Elder Moore and Elder Lund, will be staying here and two more missionaries will come in to take over the area.
I think that is about it. The weather is C-O-L-D COLD!
Love ya much!
-Elder Oliekan

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